Bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring and reorganization and undivided estates

The attorneys of De Cuba Ormel Noordhuizen are regularly appointed by the Court of First Instance of Aruba as bankruptcy trustee, administrator, and executor of estates. As such our team is experienced in unwinding of estates, corporate recovery, pre-packaged bankruptcies, cross-border bankruptcies.

We provide advice and guidance to foreign trustees or receivers, holders of security interests, assist with enforcement of foreign judgments and the repatriation/repossession of assets. Also, we advise on matters of fraudulent preference, liability of directors or shareholders and all other issues related to insolvency law. By combining our firm’s bankruptcy experience with knowledge in the field of mergers and acquisitions, transactions and distressed real estate we provide advice and guidance on restructuring/ reorganization of businesses.
Our team of attorneys advises heirs of undivided estates and has ample experience with bringing an end to an impasse between heirs of undivided estates in order to arrive at a (Court ordered) division.